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Cascades Coffee Blend – Medium-Dark Roast with "We The People"

Cascades Coffee Blend – Medium-Dark Roast with "We The People"

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Start your day with the rich and robust delight of the Cascades Coffee Blend, now featuring the patriotic "We The People" design. Packed in a convenient 12oz bag, this medium-dark roast delivers a full-bodied experience with every sip, showcasing delightful flavors of cocoa and toasted nut. Sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions in South America, this blend is perfect for brewing in your drip coffee maker, moka pot, or percolator, ensuring you get the perfect cup every time.

The unique "We The People" graphic on the packaging, inspired by the Betsy Ross flag and enhanced with the RedPillRX logo, adds a touch of patriotism and makes this coffee blend an ideal gift for any American patriot.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Size: Available in a 12oz (340g) bag, perfect for daily enjoyment or sharing with friends and family.
  • Flavor Profile: Enjoy the medium-dark roast with tasting notes of toasted nut and cocoa, providing a rich and satisfying flavor.
  • Sourcing Region: Ethically and sustainably sourced from South America, ensuring quality and sustainability with every cup.
  • Options Available: Choose between whole bean or ground options to tailor your coffee experience to your preference.
  • Roasted in the USA: Expertly roasted in small batches in the USA, guaranteeing superior quality, consistency, and freshness.
  • Ethically Sourced: Partnered with B Corp certified suppliers, ensuring the coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • Specialty Grade Craft Coffee: Graded and certified as "Specialty Grade Craft Coffee" according to the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) guidelines.
  • Patriotic Design: The "We The People" graphic, inspired by the Betsy Ross flag and featuring the RedPillRX logo, adds a unique and patriotic touch to your coffee bag.
  • Shipping Information: This product is shipped only to the United States and their territories, as well as Canada.
  • Eligibility Note: Please note that this product is not eligible for publishing on Etsy, TikTok Shop US, or Walmart.

Elevate your mornings with the rich and robust flavors of the Cascades Coffee Blend, proudly showcasing the "We The People" design. Order yours today and enjoy a perfect blend of quality, flavor, and patriotism in every cup!

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